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Game Rules & Lore

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Game Rules & Lore

Post by Sleep on Sat Jul 16, 2016 10:26 pm

Right so, you don't know about other regions (the canons) yet, or possibly ever.

You get one account, and one character, but you can spend PK to buy more character slots. PK Points is our system currency, you'll read about it in here..

You get to pick a starting pokemon; the below are the ones we offer, you also get a free megastone as a perk if you registered a character from the date of July 14 through August 15, but you can't technically use it until you get your pokemon trained all the way up. To keep up with lore, you can state that the local lab gave you your starter, you'll never find one of these three pokemon in-game, but you can trade them. They might not seem valuable at first, but believe me, they are.




If you'd rather be on Team Rocket, you can choose any non-starter pokemon to begin with. Remember that it has to be in it's weakest stage, it cannot be mystic, or legendary, like anyone else you can try and catch those later. All of Team Rocket's pokemon are naturally more feral, they are not dark TYPE, but they are Dark Pokemon. It's important to know the difference. Same as before, if you registered a character between July 14 through August 15-- you get a free megastone.

if you make a Team Rocket character, you'll live in Terminus instead of Trobiica Town. You will have to start off bad, no matter what. How bad is up to you, but obviously you beat people up and steal their animals soo.

When traveling you have to go through areas such as The Forest but there is no word counts for those travel threads. Be realistic though... Please.

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